Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monoprix Tortillas Enroulé aux Fromage

Pirouette Cookkies: The tunnel
of chocolatey love beckons to thee.
            My lovely lady lum- um, friend that happens to be my partner sought to lure me out of the dark catacombs of my office/bedroom one evening into the painfully bright sunshine of spring in Paris, and promised me a surprise I would appreciate.  And lo did my cave-addled eyes perceive a small bag of snacks, possibly salty and newly acquired, which I could only help but consume and analyze at exhaustive length.
            So, what Monoprix did here was take a round nacho/tortilla corn chip and roll it around into a scroll shape, till it looks just like a Pirouette cookie.  You’ve probably already had one served with your fancy coffee, ice cream, or desert, and they’re pretty tasty, though often hollow on the inside (long empty shafts like that scream for filling with cream or chocolate, or possibly, the tossing down of emotionally troubled Jedi.)

In a world full of blasters and laser swords,
death by falling is disturbingly frequent.
            Are the Monoprix Tortilla’s Enroulé tasty as well?  Well, yes, because they are covered with an orange cheese flavoring that tastes almost exactly like your typical Doritos!  Now, I’m willing to go on record and say that I have long enjoyed old fashion Doritos, though I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them when there are more exotic options available.  Still, I hadn’t had any since coming to France, and it’s nice to see the tradition upheld.
               As they are wrapped up like little Pirouette cookies, the eating experience is somewhat different, in a good way- the little Dorito-scrolls crunch very satisfyingly, though the intensity of the flavoring may be slightly less as a result of the lower amount of surface area.  If you ever felt some bizarre need to dip your Doritos in salsa, the scroll shaped bodies would of course be less than ideal, but I’m willing to bet they work just as well when dunked into hot cheese dip. (Erin of course tried them with hummus, which she reports as being ‘effing awesome’.)  So all in all, an amusing French variant on a familiar American staple worth checking out by anybody with craving for more Doritos on distant shores.
Trivia: How many of these photos do
not actually show death by falling?

Stars: 2½/4
Spiciness Rating: None

- Flavoring nostalgically reminiscent of Doritos
- Rolled-over tortillas are fun to crunch

- Flavoring not quite as intense as Doritos, and otherwise undistinguished
- Not highly convenient for dipping, (though why would you dip Doritos anyway?)

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  1. People who dip Dorito's in anything should be shunned from polite society. They have flavoring on them so you don't HAVE to dip them.