Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Gift from our Horned Friends: Goat Cheese Meatballs in a Badass Recipe Box

Today on a completely-not-related-to-chips post, I will expand on the recent Goat theme of this blog with a post discussing a delightful new experiment in pairing the goat with the cow. That is to say, in cheese balls, or more precisely balls of meat with cheese in them, and while certainly the traditional version involving italian cheeses such as parmesan and romano has much to recommend for it, why not turn it up to 11 and use goat cheese? Surely Bacchus would ardently approve, before sauntering off in a drunken stupor with a maenad under one arm and a jug of wine under the other.
Hot part-goat sex fiend servants of the god of
drunkness and debauchery (and only the
Greeks could make this stuff up), the maenads'
proclivities for hot sex and flowing liquer were
only matched by their love of tearing men up
into bloody chunks in orgiastic rites,
faithfully reenacted in True Blood Season 2.

Now this invention is in no way my own, but entirely the fault of Jeramy Pappas from Fucking Badass Recipe Box whose post on goat cheese meatballs proved irresistably interesting, funny, and well illustrated, as are his many other posts discussing the nuances distnguishing Armagnac from Cognac, the basics on Vietnamese cuisine, and the ultimate guide to whether you should order your steak rare or not (quick answer: rare steak is just as safe as cooked steak! Don't believe me, check out the post!)  Also featured: strippers, white trash cuisine, colorful profanity, and  excessive manliness.  Like, totally the best of both worlds!
Truth be told, a goat cheese meatball looks amazingly similar to the regular kind,
especially after being submerged in enough tomato sauce to hide a submarine.
So to prove that this is no case of corrupt back scratching cronyism from the fat cat blogging-and-eating complex, kindly bear witness above the proof of the finished recipe (which I will confess was about 2/3 executed by my favorite fiery fiendstress), and allow me to assure you it was characterful and tasty and lasted for about 10 minutes before being utterly devoured in a horrific feeding frenzy.  As Pappas advertised, the goat cheese does indeed remain in coherent chunks instead of melting throughout the meatballs as is usually the case, and the meatballs themselves were delightfully simple to prepare.I would love to share some with you, but I'm afraid there are about as many meatballs left as there were survivors of the Death Star's state visit to Alderan.
Official Report of the Imperial Human Rights Comissions:
"We are confident that every effort was made to evacuate non-combatants from the
free-fire zone, and can say with certainty that no unnecessary loss of human life
occurred given the military situation at the time."
Otherwise, you'll simply have to try the recipe for yourself here. So do yourself a favor, and either A) actually try cooking something instead of eating chips on the couch or B) at least enjoy reading about coconut liquer, anti-colonial propaganda, naan bread, and Sunny Leone's unique contributions to america's west coast film industry.

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