Monday, June 27, 2011

Monoprix Tortillas Gout Chili

Inevitably, when crossing cultural barriers, one comes across words that don’t have the same exact meaning in one language than the other.  Sometimes there might be two, more specific, terms in one language for that which is specified with one word in another.  In this case, when the product says ‘Chili’, they don’t meant a tasty-South-Western-beef-and-peppers stew (otherwise known as ‘chili con carne’, which does not originate from Mexico), but merely hot red pepper powder.

Chips to be found underneath the
I had purchased this bag hoping that the flavoring was something bolder, but these turned out to be another store-brand rendition of Nacho chips with ‘Western’ seasoning.  The Leader Price variant of these I had earlier tried had been attacked by maniac with shaker full of Cumin powder (giving it a distinctly Indian sub-continent flair), and while the cumin element is still present, there is overall a much saner (if a little more boring) approach to balancing the spices in this iteration.

In contrast to their competitor, these chips look almost exactly like Doritos, complete with the small puffy air bubbles, but with a flavoring that serves a more supporting role.  That is a blend of ‘South Western' spices featuring onion and garlic powder, cumin, and red pepper powder, slathered on the chips to a generally acceptable consistency, leaving you with something that is both salty and mildly spicy, just like your mom.

Compared to the Leader Price version, the price-for-quantity ratio is about the same, and the chips are essentially similar in flavor, but less likely to offend with their more balanced quantities of cumin and saltiness.  So, nothing to write home about, but a reasonable solution for your salsa and guacamole dipping needs (when in Europe).

Stars: 2/4
Spiciness Rating: Very Mild

- Interesting cumin and red pepper spices applied in a more balanced fashion than other products on the market
- the Doritos-style shape and texture is a little less dry than the Leader Price version
- good balance of flavoring for use as dipping chips

- Doritos style texture is still light years away from that of a genuine, high quality, authentic Tortilla chip
- the more measured approach to the spices is a little less characterful for the lack of crazy

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